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One could say this is the community where Santa Barbara’s Bohemian soul resides. It’s where the area’s relaxed, beach-friendly vibe combines with an artistic spirit and a touch of quirkiness. Summerland is the location of a former religious colony and mini-boomtown with a front yard full of oil derricks immediately south of Montecito and Santa Barbara. The tiny enclave once hosted more than two dozen producing oil wells as well as soap and cigar factories. Lillie Avenue, its main street, is now home to a charming collection of unique shops featuring antiques and designer accoutrements destined for the finest homes in L.A., Montecito and Santa Barbara.

A laid-back town of only about 1,500 residents, it is also home to casual and family-friendly cafés, and a lovely beachside park offering expansive lawns, play areas and direct access to the beach. Summerland is home to artists, writers and part-time residents seeking a cozy cottage or spacious getaway nestled on a hillside overlooking the Pacific Ocean.