2015 Real Estate Prediction: Smooth Sailing Ahead!

As we head toward the end of 2014, there’s some very good news to share: the housing market should continue to enjoy smooth sailing in 2015. That prediction comes from one of the nation’s leading housing economists, Zillow’s Stan Humphries. The chief of the home and real estate marketplace dedicated to helping homeowners, home buyers, […]

Curious about all things real estate?

Curious about all things real estate?   As a veteran Realtor here in Santa Barbara, with more than 3 decades of experience, I am curious about all things real estate — from selling and buying to design and function, and everything in-between. In light of my tremendous curiosity, I find it very interesting that scientific […]

4 Important Credit Predictions for 2015

With the end of 2014 right around the corner, the credit card comparison website CardHub released its Credit Predictions for 2015 in order to give consumers a sneak peak in regard to interest rates, rewards, debt levels, mortgages and spending methods as we head into the New Year. Here are the top 5: 1) Interest […]

A look at 3 of the most expensive cars on the market today

In a recent blog, we looked at luxury garages and how they can boost a home sale. Now, we’re going to look at 3 of the most expensive cars on the market today to put in those luxury garages. Nowadays, customers have established a quality benchmark for cars that is an amalgamation of performance as […]

Ultra-luxury in 2015

Just when ultra-luxury amenities seem to have reached their peak, there’s more in store for us in 2015. From $630,000 whiskey bottles, to $1 million smartphones and $100 million penthouses, the top 2014 ultra luxury trends exude extravagance. We’ve heard of movie theaters on yachts, submerged luxury homes and even champagne deliveries by drone.

Architects Predict the Future of Urban Transportation

Can architects predict the future of urban transportation in the United States? Will that future actually include clean and reliable conveyance? American studioHöweler + Yoon Architecture certainly thinks so.  The award-winning, multidisciplinary practice, operating in the space between architecture, art and landscape, won the Audi Urban Future Award for its design of public transport between […]

The truth about Boomers

For decades, investors banked on the idea that aging boomers would choose to spend their retirement years living in resort and retirement communities along the Sunbelt. Today, investors are finding that is just not the case. In fact, those investments are now considered by Emerging Trends as “the least desirable investment and development properties.

The history of New Year’s Eve celebrations

New Year’s Eve is one of the oldest celebrated holidays. First observed 4000 years ago in ancient Babylon, the celebration took place in March commemorating the spring equinox and lasted for 11 days. Romans also celebrated New Year’s during March until Julius Caesar changed the celebration to January 1 in 46 BC. Fittingly, the month […]

3 Health-related New Year’s Resolutions and Achieving Results

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who’ve made health-related New Year’s resolutions for 2015, here are some tips to help you achieve results. Health-related goals such as losing weight, exercising more and reducing stress are probably some of the most common resolutions. Here’s a list of 3 common health-related New Year’s resolutions with […]

Top 5 Real Estate Trends of 2014

According to®, 2014 ended leaving many indicators of a stronger housing recovery on the horizon. Here are the top 5 real estate trends of 2014: 1. Improving economic fundamentals: After an especially harsh winter, the economy picked up steam this spring and produced a banner year for new jobs. The GDP this year was […]