Architects Predict the Future of Urban Transportation

Can architects predict the future of urban transportation in the United States? Will that future actually include clean and reliable conveyance? American studioHöweler + Yoon Architecture certainly thinks so.  The award-winning, multidisciplinary practice, operating in the space between architecture, art and landscape, won the Audi Urban Future Award for its design of public transport between Boston and Washington: nicknamed BosWash.

Simply put, their idea is to combine individual and public transport through a new kind of mobility platform using our current infrastructure. New flows of traffic and networks will be utilized to create a mode of transportation following the 450-mile route of the existing Interstate 95 motorway. The controlled transport infrastructure that would stretch across the BosWash region, connecting the suburbs with the city and vice versa, has the potential to be released in 2030.

Eric Höweler and J. Meejin Yoon explain how the suburbs were constructed around the “outdated” American Dream of “the single-family home, with a front lawn and two-car garage.” They describe how within the “infrastructural leftovers of this now outdated dream” lies a possibility to create “alternate paths, different trajectories or new cultural dreams.”

With their ambitious planning and architectural idea of the “shareway” the American team of architects will revolutionize commuting between places of living and work, merging individual and public transport by means of a new kind of mobility platform. This combines existing infrastructure with intelligent flows of traffic and networks. For their holistically controlled traffic system Höweler + Yoon Architecture were awarded prize money of 100,000 euros.

I wonder what will happen if our creative local architects predict the future of urban transportation here in Santa Barbara.  Ease of personal and public conveyance is always something to keep in mind when buying a home in Montecito, Hope Ranch or other areas of Santa Barbara. We, The Brothers Gough, have been advising discriminating buyers and sellers here for a combined five decades. We know the history and future of transportation in Santa Barbara. Call me, John, at (805) 455-1420 or my brother Bill at (805) 455-3030 for our well-educated opinions on transportation, architecture and the real estate market on “The American Riviera.” Meantime, please check out our comprehensive website.