3 Health-related New Year’s Resolutions and Achieving Results

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who’ve made health-related New Year’s resolutions for 2015, here are some tips to help you achieve results. Health-related goals such as losing weight, exercising more and reducing stress are probably some of the most common resolutions. Here’s a list of 3 common health-related New Year’s resolutions with tips and suggestions of how to make them achievable.

1) Start Working Out

Don’t plan on purchasing equipment or just joining a gym since these goals in themselves are not exercise. Make one specific goal, write it down, make a wall poster of it and stick to it until you achieve it. After that make another goal. Having one goal at a time makes change clear and achievable. Here are some sample goals to get you started.
“I will go walk 30 minutes after dinner, Monday, Wednesday and Friday”
“I will take the stairs instead of the elevator when going to work.”

2) Lose Weight
Losing weight is the objective, but the goal should be to change habits that are not allowing your body to lose weight. For assured success, weight loss goals have to be bite-sized and easy to achieve, such as:
“I will reduce my unhealthy fat intake by eating fewer or no fried foods.”
“I will not eat anything after dinner.”

3) Reduce Stress
Reducing stress is an elusive process at times, but it can be achieved with small but consistent lifestyle changes. Identify and write down your stressors. Identify positive steps you can take, and what sources of support you have, when you’re stressed. Here are some suggestions:
“During times of stress, I will practice deep breathing techniques, or go for a walk.”
“I will get a massage once a week”

If you made any of these 3 common health related New Year’s resolutions this year, we, The Brothers Gough hope these healthy goal-setting guidelines help you achieve your health goals in 2015! If you are planning on relocating to Montecito, Hope Ranch or Santa Barbara in 2015, call me, John, at (805) 455-1420 or my brother Bill at (805) 455-3030. Meantime, please check out our comprehensive website.